An apple a day | Corporate photography Geelong

It's always pleasing to see how clients I'm working with use my photographs to enhance their business and communications measures. And it's surprising how often I don't actually get a look in to the final product because the Geelong corporate photography caravan moves on fast and I get busy with other projects and endlessly forget to ask. 

Speaking of caravans, I hitched a ride with Western Victoria Primary Health Network late last year to the great south-west for this commission. Western Victoria PHN is a Commonwealth government initiative, assisting primary health care workers including GPs access the best services and information, to enhance the delivery of care they provide patients... the likes of you and me. 

If only health care was as simple as its friendly proverb 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away.'

Ask anyone remotely connected to health, health research or government health: it's wildly complex and reliant on the connected services of many multiples of primary health care providers and referral services and a near constant deluge of information that often isn't easily accessible for the humble local medico. 

Western Victoria PHN is doing some great work to these ends and is staffed by a bunch of smart, dedicated people whose collective goal is to enhance the work of people we rely on.