On a wing and a pipe | Commercial photography Geelong

Quickstep produces high-end composites for Australia's automotive and aerospace industries. They use a lot of advanced technology, smart people and it turns out, pipes supplied by an industrial client of mine, needing commercial photography services in Geelong.

A side note - going back a few months, the Australian government announced a multi-million dollar local jobs program at Quickstep. So I broke it down for myself on site while I was photographing: the government needs aerospace smarts, the aero industry needs Quickstep and they in turn need compressed gas / fluid piping that can do the trick. 

This was a neat job, the brief was straight up and down (trying hard to find a pipe idiom) and I discovered there's a degree of creativity to be enjoyed photographing industrial installations - the only caveat was that I not photograph components or staff for the obvious reasons. 

Many of these compositions required me to contort to heights (of the small variety) that could appropriately feature the valve or tap or heading of a particular piping structure: if things don't all pan out for me as a commercial photographer in Geelong, gymnastics is next.

The piping manufacturers are involved in a number of fields now and they were a blast to shoot for, hopefully I can highlight a few more collaborations further down the pipeline (finally!).