Two sides to portrait photography in Geelong

It's not often my career paths converge. Many years ago, just when democracy itself was invented, I worked in politics. 

So it was a lot of fun shooting the breeze with the Federal Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson recently in Barwon Heads. The brief was to support editorial for a lifestyle magazine piece, telling the 'other' side of the political personality - the side we all know they have but rarely get to know. 

The Corangamite electorate incidentally, is a hot political potato right now. It sits on the southern region of Greater Geelong and spans parts of the Victorian Surf Coast, the Bellarine Peninsula and regional centres inland. 

Photographing head shots is real chance to get to know the subject - their background, what makes them laugh, what concerns them about the day-to-day, their businesses and opinions (corporate photography in Geelong isn't all about events and products). 

Sarah Henderson is a former TV news presenter and award winning journalist so she has a natural on-camera poise. But my experience in portrait photography and editorial photography told me I needed to capture a more creative mixture of 'everyday woman'  / 'politics is serious business' edginess: the two common sides to any politico. 

A couple of coffees down and talk of national swings and polices and the rump of it is that for the majority of us it's easy to accept there are two sides to every politician - their job and their other life. But there's two sides to  meaningful portrait photography too - the brief and the access to good people and great stories.