Striking a balance | Geelong photographer

Last week I dropped in on some of the savviest, community minded young professionals in Geelong to help promote Give Where You Live's 'Generation Next' sioree series. 

Like never before, young, altruistic and highly talented professionals are networking locally to create opportunities to improve their community (and learn a little self help along the way).

Generation Next (roughly 20 and 30 somethings) isn't necessarily facing any greater personal or professional challenges than preceding demographics.  But it's emerging as a kind of promising new chapter in Geelong, when the local economy and community could do with the confidence of knowing the next 50 years will largely offer the same prosperity of the past half century, thanks to Baby Boomers and Generation X. 

Give Where You Live is on to a winner with its Generation Next soiree series, hosted this time by the funky bunch at King of the Castle and guest presented by life-coach Nicole Knox-Gray.

Nicole spoke about something I think probably most of aspire to - switching off. I'm in a privileged position to be able to run my own business as a Geelong photographer with my wife Melissa and we can schedule our week to ensure time to enjoy what's most important -  family and friends.

With the recent arrival of our first child, I'm more mindful than ever of balancing a career as a a photographer in Geelong and the joys and duties (Dad jokes don't write themselves) of fatherhood. The best way to be certain I'm fully present both at work and during family time is to draw a clear line between the two. When I'm on a day off, it's a free day to spend with the girls and on a scheduled work day I keep regular work hours even if there isn't s shoot scheduled.