VFA's 2016 Course Guide

VFA Learning | Geelong commercial photographer

There's a good chance that new tertiary students will have studied more than the healthy allotment of holidays in their freshly printed diaries. Course guides offer straight line of sight appraisal of what's on offer on campus and in the workforce after graduation.

From my years at university, I recall the more concise the guide, the better it informed me and the more frequently I consulted it as I progressed. Throw forward an undisclosed number of years and now, as a Geelong commercial photographer, I thrive on the chance to shoot for these types of corporate publications.

Photographing for prospectuses, annual reports and other key corporate publications means we're working with people who offer the service and people who do, or will use the service. Plus it means we're shooting to a water tight brief. 

VFA's 2016 'Experience Different' course guide is a collaboration between our friends at Ivy Street Advertising and Passionfolk marketing. It's creative, to the point and informative. 

Students at VFA learn practical skills they can use to launch careers  in childcare, fitness and massage therapy. But they also have fun while they learn and that is a key message our photographs help communicate in the 2016 course guide.

The brief: showcase VFA as a dynamic and fun learning environment, with multiple, flexible career paths. 

We delivered a mix of vibrant and engaging portraits of staff and students and documentary style images of them going about their day. Along with publication in the course guide, our photographs are also used across VFA's web social media platforms.