The Prince's Charities Australia

Saluting A Princely Cause

Australian service personnel, transitioning from active duty to civilian enterprises, are benefiting from a hand-up from The Prince's Charities Australia. 

The Prince's Charities Australia 'Lead Your Own Business' program was announced in Melbourne recently, with the support of major corporates and philanthropic partners including the Commonwealth Bank, Ernst and Young, and the Worldwide Support for Development.

The program is said to be keenly monitored by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and helps participants learn the skills and roadmaps to make a success of things in the world of business. They're not skills necessarily readily employed by talented men and women who have spent some years dedicated to the service of our nation. But tailored RMIT University coursework, personalised mentoring from industry experts and collaboration with peers in the same boat (so to speak), is helping pair new skills with the relevant know-how that participants already possess. 

As a corporate photographer in Melbourne, I often get to see the ins and outs of all manner of businesses and come to learn about their commercial or not-for-profit enterprises. And I am in awe sometimes at the depth of ingenuity and support offered to those in the community who are finding their way, or finding a new way. 

The inaugural 'Lead You Own Business' participant cohort is nearing completion of their first foray into life in a suit. In an era where so many new businesses fly solo, without the useful support of people at the top of their game, this program deserves saluting.